photo of the day

This is Luath and his new toy, Blue Bobo. There was a PetSmart commercial with the cutest little daschund who had his own version of Bobo and since then, there are Bobo toys everywhere. Luath has had several of them in various colors and sizes. They don’t last long but then again, none of Luath’s stuffies last long. It must be a dog thing — some toys take the gnawing and chewing longer than others, some toys succumb faster and quickly become nothing more than an empty sack and a pile of fluff scattered over the floor.

If this Bobo meets the same fate as all the others, his little legs will come off first. Once Bobo is breached and there is a hole to be found, the stuffing will be out and Bobo will be nothing more than a long blue tube with eyes and a toothy grin.

Until then, Luath will walk around the house with Bobo in his mouth, whining and asking to be played with. He will try and take Bobo outside and leave him in the yard, to be rained on and dragged through the mud. But I don’t predict that Blue Bobo will last all that long.

~ by photobella on 16 May, 2008.

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