photo of the day

I was surprised that such a beautiful day could turn out to be such a crummy one. It started out with enough promise. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and Nick and I had plans of braving the onslaught of the cleaning ladies to work out in the yard and start on our vegetable garden.

But that was not to be. 

First off, we couldn’t find our drill. We searched high and low and the drill was nowhere to be found. We called Lisa and asked her to look in the Gallery for it and she said it wasn’t there (turns out it was but that’s for another day.)

Then, Nick was reporting trouble with his computer. I went upstairs to load some software updates, back up some data and maybe run a virus scan when the thing just flat out died. After about an hour on the phone with Apple Support the only recourse was to pack the thing up and haul it over to the Apple store at the Mall.

So as soon as the ladies arrived, we packed up the computer and headed out. Oh, how I wish it was just a simple software issue. Or even a virus or two. But it’s not. It’s a dead drive. So it looks like Nick’s lost almost all of his pictures that he’s taken since he’s had his computer. I know, I know. Bad Mommy for not having him back up his data. What ever was I thinking? Apparently, I was not.

Nick took it all in stride. He knows that many of his pictures are backed up on either my computer or Zki’s. And he is pretty sure that he will get a new computer out of this somehow or other. I’m banking on the “or other.”

And here I am at the end of the day with the only decent picture to show of my very sorely neglected bird. From the looks of it, I can’t imagine his day was any better than mine.


~ by photobella on 13 May, 2008.

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