photo of the day (mother’s day)

Today was Mother’s Day and it was truly a beautiful day. I got some lovely earrings from my sweet husband, a necklace from my kids and a scarf from Clare that she dyed herself.

My mother got to come home from the Rehab hospital where she was recovering from a broken hip and shoulder and be in the comfort of her own home for Mother’s Day.

My husband had to travel to London in the evening so he spent the day packing for his trip. It was too nice of a day to waste inside or even around the house so I packed up the kids and we headed over to The Garden of Ideas in Ridgefield for a visit. I think we had gone a couple of years ago, also on Mother’s Day. It’s a lovely place with magical gardens, fountains and statues everywhere you look. They also have a nursery so if the inspiration really hits, you can pick up a few plants as well.

It was the perfect day to take a stroll through the gardens.

I thought it was funny how the koi in this pond kept trying to hide under the tiny lily pads.

I loved how the water clung to the edges of these leaves like tiny diamonds.

The gardens are surrounded by this lovely marsh. The whole place is perfect for wildlife and abundant with frogs, turtles and birds (snakes, too, I’m sure but I didn’t spy any while I was there.)

If you are wondering why this post isn’t filled with all the many different flowers we saw while we were there, I am taking a hiatus from flowers for the moment and challenging myself to come up with other things to shoot. Sometimes flowers are just too easy.

Also, Nick had neglected to clean off his memory cards from his camera before we left so he couldn’t bring his and he took off with mine. It wouldn’t have been an issue if I had remembered to bring my 4 GB card but since I only had the 1 GB, we were fighting over memory space. I had to be selective about my pictures as I was sure he wouldn’t be.

I love that he is so enthusiastic about his photography and don’t want to discourage him in any way, but I also want him to learn some responsibility along with it. And that means charging his own batteries and taking his pictures off his camera.

~ by photobella on 11 May, 2008.

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