photo of the day (pangea day)

I bet you didn’t know it was Pangea Day yesterday. Well, if you follow the link you will find out that Pangea Day was a 4 hour event featuring live speakers, music and short films broadcast over the internet, television and mobile phones from 6 locations and in 7 languages. What a way to bring the world together.

Zki set up a screen in the window of the store and put a speaker in the flower box and we had our own mini Pangea day in front of the Gallery. We both wished we had advertised the event and gotten a little media attention and more of a crowd, but it was fun, none the less.

Clare ended up going on a playdate with her best friend, Erin and Nick and I spent most of the day at the store. I took these pictures of Bethel at various times during the afternoon.

When we first arrived, our neighbors, Jeanny (from Head Over Heels) and Michele (from Emily’s) were planting marigolds around the trees in front of our stores.

I love this sign at the Opera House Cafe on the corner.

I’ve always been fascinated by this cross over an old building by the train tracks.

There really is a woodworking shop called Verdi’s that makes incredibly beautiful furniture from reclaimed wood on the second floor of this old building. It always looks abandoned to me but it’s filled with treasures that they make in a workshop on the first floor.

I liked this view down the tracks from Bethel heading towards West Redding.

~ by photobella on 10 May, 2008.

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