photo of the day

Since my visit to my parent’s house my days are all mixed up. So today felt like Monday and as a result I got nothing of consequence done all day long. I was enjoying the warm weather and puttering in the yard, cleaning up the long grass that was overgrown by our small creek.

Spring is progressing quickly towards summer and every day a new color peeks out from a different corner of the garden.

The Buddha statue that was covered in leaves not too long ago is lost in a sea of  blue forget-me-nots. (Check it out for yourself here.)

The need to be surrounded by flowers is strong and I’ve gotten brave enough and bought an orchid at Trader Joe’s. I’m hoping I can manage to keep it alive and that I can get it to bloom again.

I wish I could say I took this picture but I didn’t. Nick did and I’m showing off his talent.


~ by photobella on 7 May, 2008.

2 Responses to “photo of the day”

  1. A beautiful set of images.

  2. I see progression in your shots. The one of the flower at your mom’s was absolutely spectacular! I am glad that Mom is improving and it sounds like Dad is still Dad!! Funny about your aunt and her closet! It is perception of the situation that’s all. I think my closets are awful until I look at Adina and Rachel’s and then I think mine is spotless! I am enjoying your photos — even if I haven’t said so in a while and I too am very proud of Nick’s photos.


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