photo of the day

As with every other Tuesday, Nick and I had to get as much work as we could done in the morning before the cleaning ladies showed up and then we had to get out of Dodge. There isn’t a quiet spot in the whole house when they arrive and getting anything done while they are here is impossible.

Today, all we managed to do was get some errands done. We had plans of going to the library for some study time and maybe some reading but that just didn’t seem to happen.

The day started out as grey and rainy as Monday had been but by the time we made it to pick up Clare from school, the sky was turning blue and the sun was peeking out from the clouds.

There wasn’t much time to lounge around before heading out for music lessons and Clare’s Theater class.

Nick and I rode around a bit while she was in class. There wasn’t much to do or anyplace interesting to go (everything in Ridgfield seems to be closed by 6 pm) and Clare’s class runs from 5:45 to 6:45 pm.

Since the sun was out and the light was good, I stopped at Ballard Park to see how their gardens were growing.

Then after Clare’s class, we stopped at a local Mexican restaurant for some dinner before we headed home. This is Clare in deep conversation about why I should let her have a bunny for a pet. I don’t know guys. With 2 dogs, a bird and a poor gold fish that barely even gets fed . . . what do you think?

~ by photobella on 29 April, 2008.

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