Photo of the Day (spring has sprung)

This lovely field of daffodils is just up the road from my house. I have passed it many times over the years. Today was the first time I stopped to take pictures of it.

I feel like these daffodils must feel out in their field, soaking up the sun and the spring air. It’s glorious to be alive this time of year. I was telling Nick today when we were out on our walk that I think the winter should be reduced to 2 weeks per year. In those 2 weeks it would be required to snow everyday just enough to create a good enough pack for winter sports like skiing, boarding and sledding. There should be enough snow to build snowmen. It should be cold enough to have hot chocolate after you come in from a day’s play. But after 2 weeks, it should be spring. Each season would be lengthened to fill the time that would normally be winter. That would be my perfect world.

Anyway, here’s a last picture of a perfect spring day in Connecticut. If you check out my post on April 4th, you will see this same scene and you can see for yourself how quickly spring has sprung.

~ by photobella on 24 April, 2008.

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