Photo of the Day

I’m surprised how much I got done seeing as it was Monday. But the sun came back out despite the weather forecasts that predicted it wouldn’t and that gave me the drive to get Clare up and out of bed for her first day back at school after her spring break. Then there was the obligatory trip to the grocery store for all that stuff we ran out of over the weekend and the attempt to get Nick out of bed before lunchtime (ok, I’m exaggerating, sort of.)

After he was up and the cobwebs were shaken out of his brain, we got ready for the trashman and then he did some math while I got some files printed out to take to our local zoning department. We are making plans to demolish the last vestige of our old house — a studio/garage that used to serve as Zki’s office and is slowly falling down around us. We got the go ahead for the plans we want and now we can get our architect started on the project. And double yippee! We may even be able to include a small bathroom in the plans.

The rest of the day was the normal stuff for a Monday. Nick and I read and he did some writing and practiced his trumpet. I picked up Clare from school and got dinner ready early so they could head off to Aikido. Then, having some time to myself, I went on the treadmill and worked on printing out some photos to be donated to various local charity auctions.

I am being pretty wordy today, but I just wanted to add how since I have been working on this Project 365, there is rarely a moment that I am without my camera. I remember hearing that it takes about 3 months before something really becomes a habit and I am just a few days shy of 100 days on this project. I can say that since I started, I have taken at least one picture a day for almost 100 days so far and I know that the 265 days to come will be a breeze.

And I’m sure I won’t stop after that.

I wonder what my life will look like if I just keep on taking pictures until I can’t hold the camera anymore.


~ by photobella on 22 April, 2008.

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