Photo of the Day (a great day for pictures)

I woke up early this morning and it was cloudy and grey. But soon the sun started peeking through and I decided to venture outside to see what I could catch with my camera. Every time I would get outside, the sun would go away, the light would get flat and I would go back inside to finish my coffee. I’d look up from my computer and there it would be. The light, teasing me to chase it back outside. 

Finally, the sun decided to stay out and I decided to go back inside, get dressed (yes, I was out shooting in my pjs) and convince the kids to get up and get out of the house with me. It was a warm and glorious day and so we got in the car and headed to South Norwalk and the Maritime Aquarium to make up for the short visit that Nick and I had last week.

The frogs were waiting for us.

So were the fish.

Clare had not been with us on our last visit and she had a great time.

After the Aquarium we took a walk by the water and around the neighborhood.

This building must be a remnant of the area before everything was gentrified.

These girders are the underside of a train bridge that runs right next to the Aquarium.

We came across some swans on the river behind the Aquarium.

This is my favorite shot of the day. I saved the best for last. I love it when I have a good day of shooting.


~ by photobella on 12 April, 2008.

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