Photo of the Day

Yesterday was a completely uneventful day. I was up early and even took a few pictures of the mist and fog before it dissipated as soon as the sun came up. I tried to take some pictures for my Ravelry/Flickr board and was pretty pleased with myself until I realized that the window I was shooting out of had dirt all over it in one spot that ruined all the shots I had taken. Bleh!

After I dropped Clare off at school, I ran a few errands and picked up a few things at the grocery and the Agway before getting Nick up and running for his day. And what a day it was, too. Gloriously warm and sunny. The kind of day that makes you turn down the heat and open all the windows in the house. I took this shot of a bird, singing his little heart out, on a tree in the Agway parking lot. I was pushing the limits of my 18 to 200 zoom, but you can tell he’s there on the very tip top branch.

Again, I found inspiration in the flower department at the local grocery store. 

Nick and I had spring fever something awful. What we really wanted was to be outside in the yard, getting dirty.  Our goal was to create a waterfall effect in the pond we built a couple of years ago out of a rock formation in the backyard. We had spent a couple of days cleaning out last year’s plants and leaves (and sadly, a few frogs that had tried to winter there and instead froze to death.) 

We ended up with a new pump, some hose and a small catch basin for water to create the “fall.” Nick didn’t have the patience to deal with my need for “pond perfection” and I couldn’t do the work by myself so the end result is nice but has the look of a black plastic bedpan spilling out water into the pond basin. I’ll work on it and post some pictures as it shapes up and we add some plants.


~ by photobella on 10 April, 2008.

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