Photo of the Day

This is Elizabeth. She is James’ new baby sister and she is 4 months old. I took this picture at Clare’s 3rd grade play. It’s a Waldorf school and they don’t like you to take pictures during the performance (maybe they are afraid the camera will suck out the kids’ souls or something.) So I have no pictures of my daughter at her play, just someone else’s daughter. But she’s a cutie pie, for sure.

These paintings were done by the 3rd graders in Clare’s class. I love the colors and the shapes. 

Here’s Clare — she had a fit that no one was doing anything special after the play so I took her for ice cream. She just needed to feel appreciated for her hard work and great performance so I figured a sundae for dinner was just the thing. Clare agreed.

Now doesn’t that look yummy?

~ by photobella on 9 April, 2008.

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