Photo of Day (pet day)

I took Lili to the vet this morning and met this lovely 5th month old bulldog named Lola. Lola belongs to one of the vets at the practice and she is deaf. She is also soft and sweet and smart. When I took this picture she was waiting for one of the vet techs to give her a cookie. Isn’t that a wonderful face?

This is a seldom-photographed member of the family. I have had my cockatiel, Maggie, for almost 15 years now. He’s been sorely neglected (yes, he’s a boy and I named him Maggie when he was too young to tell) yet he is still going strong. He is not too fond of the rest of the family and they, not too fond of him in return. But I feel responsible for him and so, here he will stay until it is time for him to go to that big bird cage in the sky.

Here’s my Looby Loo. His real name is Luath, which means quick in Gaelic. I named him well because this dog is as fast as lightning. He even managed to catch a bird as it flew off the bird bath in the backyard. (We saved the bird and brought it to a local wildlife sanctuary for some R&R after it’s encounter with Looby.) 

This is Lili. She is chillin’. She is a very laid back dog. She’s a sweetheart and we really love her but she’s a little fluffy in the head.


~ by photobella on 8 April, 2008.

One Response to “Photo of Day (pet day)”

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely shots.

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