Photo of the Day (getting close-up)

When I first started taking pictures, my husband gave me these words of wisdom in order to take better pictures. “First you get close,” he said. “Then you get closer.” (He just told me that he was quoting the photographer, Robert Capa.)

So here is another day of taking pictures with my 55mm macro lens. I’m not including the picture of the coffee bean I took just to prove to the guy behind the counter that I could get up close and still be in focus. But I will share the Latte foam he asked me to shoot after he was blown away by how close I could get to the bean.


This is the gem that is still in the hands of the Buddha statue, even after the long winter, that sits in Clare’s garden.


Sometimes even the rain doesn’t seem so bad if you get close and see that it’s just a bunch of little drops.


And here is the proof that it is really spring.



~ by photobella on 31 March, 2008.

2 Responses to “Photo of the Day (getting close-up)”

  1. gorgeous! I have to get me a macro lens!

  2. I love close up stuff. I tried this morning but didn’t have adequate light. Love the leave with the beads of water and the one with the rain drops.


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