Photo of the Day (Happy Birthday to me!)

Today is my birthday (at least for a couple more hours!) This camera is my birthday gift from my dear husband. The reason I look so serious is because it’s hard to look through a camera lens to take a picture with both eyes open (at least for me it was.) I flipped the image afterwards so you could read the brand (yes, I am bragging — can you blame me?)


In case you can’t tell from the picture, it’s a Nikon D300. Very cool. However, there are more bells and whistles on this baby then on any of my other cameras (or most of my computers.) So I have a feeling that the user’s guide is going to be well thumbed through before I really get a handle on all this camera can do.

My husband gave me the camera last night, just after dinner and right before he took the kids to Aikido. When they all left, it was just me, the dogs and the CAMERA. I think I was afraid to pick the thing up and break it so I just sat for about an hour, reading the manual and staring at the camera before I finally got up the nerve to take a few pictures and figure out what all the buttons are for — I think there is a separate button for almost every function. It has a great feel to it, a nice kind of hefty feeling that I remember from film cameras and the dial modes remind me of the 8008 that I have been using to take film pictures with.  I think this camera and I are going to have a lovely relationship. Here are a couple of the very first images I have taken.



The rest of the day was fairly ordinary, as birthdays go.  But I did get taken to a lovely dinner at a local restaurant called Clemens. Here are some pictures of the evening.






We got home early and had to give the kids heck for not cleaning up the kitchen after dinner or feeding the dogs. I just don’t know what they were thinking and the only explanation I got from Nick was that they “forgot.” Oh well. The rest of the night was much better — I got them ready for bed and Clare read me “Happy Birthday to You” by Dr. Seuss.  She was so cute trying to wrap her mouth around all of the tongue twisting and nonsensical words that Dr. Seuss is famous for. I think that was the high point of my day, sitting in her bed, surrounded by stuffies and books and hearing my daughter read me a Happy Birthday story.

~ by photobella on 27 March, 2008.

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