Photo of the Day (Happy Easter)


Today was Easter with the obligatory Bunny visit and a trip to church (Unitarian style.) Clare was up and checking out her loot at 6:30 am. It used to be that she wouldn’t let Nick sleep in on Easter morning. The two of them would have to be rooting through their baskets together and comparing their haul. But this Easter Nick slept in until 8 (he requested “no pictures please”) and Clare didn’t seem to care that she was doing it on her own.


Of course, Mom was up making coffee and taking pictures and cringing at the thought of eating M&Ms, jelly beans and peeps before 7 am.  Oh well, it’s only Easter once a year.


Nick had a  field trip to the Quaker Meeting House in New Canaan this morning with his RE class and so I had to drop him off at church earlier than our usual 11 am service. While I was waiting his ride to show up, I poked around and took these pictures. The first is an old blue truck filled with Easter eggs that was parked outside the door of the Senior Minister. The laughing Buddha is also outside his door. 



No one was in the office of the Associate Minister and I liked how the light was coming in the rainbow colored curtains and how welcoming her office looked — after all, we are a “Welcoming” congregation. The books of the Bible were on a bookshelf in her office. I liked the colors of the bindings.



As I was leaving to get Clare and come back for the 11 am service, I noticed this bush in bloom and realized that it really is Spring. Yippee!


My last picture is a warning to Easter Bunnies everywhere. Don’t mess around with my dog. Poor Bunny!



~ by photobella on 23 March, 2008.

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