Photo of the Day


Another day when everything else  took precedence over my photo of the day project.  Not bad things but just all sorts of things that demanded my attention while I would have rather been thinking of what I could go out and shoot. Luckily, as I was leaving the Gallery this afternoon, the sun hit the side of the Opera Cafe next door just right. So just before I got into the car to come home I took  a few pictures hoping I’d hit on a decent image to post. 


Then when I got home I noticed the neglected tulips sitting in the dry vase by the window, all curled up but still hanging on to their stems. There was something so delicate about the dead blooms, still with enough color to make them pretty. Then there was the light and the shadows and another image was  born.


~ by photobella on 22 March, 2008.

2 Responses to “Photo of the Day”

  1. I love the shadow of the irises.

  2. Thanks! Funny thing is they are dried up tulips. They do look like irises though, I thought so too!

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