Photo of the Day


It’s Monday. Monday with a vengeance. One of those Mondays when Nick and I just couldn’t get rolling. One of those Mondays where very little of significance was done. Monday.But despite it all, I managed to drag out (ok, my husband dragged out) a camera bag with a film camera and actual lenses for me to shoot with. And on a short walk through the park with the kids and the dog, I took pictures with a film camera for the first time in many years since going digital.


I won’t have anything to show for it till tomorrow and I am not expecting much. I really need to get my chops back up cause I rely on the magic of the auto focus auto zoom auto metering camera I am using. The film camera slows me down a bit and I have to think more about what I am doing and what I am shooting and what I want it to look like. And that is a good thing — to slow down and be forced to be deliberate and make the camera do what I want it to do. I think it may take me awhile before I’m completely comfortable with the process again and in control of the camera and the image instead of letting the camera control the outcome all the time.So for now, I’m leaving you with my attempt at a little green for St. Patrick’s Day.


~ by photobella on 17 March, 2008.

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