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It’s March and this is New England. We have snowstorms in April. So why is it that I’m always surprised that it is still cold? Well, there were a few years that I lived in Atlanta and by March it was getting warm and it was spring. Heck, it was getting warm in February. There were daffodils and birds singing and it was lovely. But I live in New England and even if we make it through March without a snowstorm, we all know that there still may be one last winter blast in April. Yuck. 

There is the promise of spring, however, and the sky was brilliantly blue this morning when I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. And there was that black crow perched on top of the store, cawing and cackling to the world. 

The rest of the day was filled with mundane things like schoolwork with Nick and things that needed to get done for various other projects. When I finally could pick my head up from all that there was to do, it was time to go and get Clare. Nick came along with me and we brought Luath for a trip to the dog park. We haven’t taken him in a long time and he had such a great time at the beach the other day that I thought we should give him another treat.

It was a real boy and his dog moment. Nick found an old soccer ball and kicked it around and Luath ran and ran. He’s beautiful when he runs and he runs so fast — just a ball full of energy and muscle. The dog park is fun because there are always people there who are just as crazy about their dogs as you are about yours and so they understand the joy in watching your dog run. 





~ by photobella on 13 March, 2008.

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