photo of the Day (Lili gets a bath)


I have 2 dogs. One is a short-haired, roll-in-the-mud-and-get-thrown-in-the-sink kind of dog. The other is a high maintenance, long-haired take-me-to-the-salon kind of dog. Problem is that when this higher maintenance dog rolls in the mud or jumps in the stream or anything else that is smelly and dog-wondrous, she rarely gets taken to the salon. She just hangs out smelling kinda fishy until nobody around can stand her much longer and then she goes to the salon. 

A bath in the tub is out of the question for a couple of reasons: one is that she hates baths and so is very hard to keep in the tub; two is that she absorbs water like a sponge and with a regular hair dryer she will remain wet for days after.

She also rarely gets a trip to the salon because the salon we have come to know and trust is, due to those unforseeable life changes, on the complete other side of the world from where I travel during my daily routine of comings and goings. There is a salon that is closer and we did give them a try once because it would have been so very convenient, but she emerged from her spa day looking more like an Old English Sheepdog than a Springer Spaniel I (they are so very fussy about how they look, those Springers) so we headed back to the tried-and-true salon on the wrong side of town.

Lili was getting kind of bedraggled and muddy lately and we all agreed that for her benefit and ours, a day at the salon was in order. I was making plans to call and get her an appointment (which would have taken at least another week or so as this salon is not on the wrong side of town for everyone else in the world, just me) when I saw a vision. A van was parked on the street near the Gallery and on the side of it were the words “The Fairy Dogmother: Mobile Grooming. I copied down the phone number and called as soon as I got home.

Two days later, the Fairy Dogmother (her name is Corrie) drove her van into our driveway.  She came sans tutu, wings or wand but she did work some mean magic in the back of her mobile grooming unit. Was it a spell she cast or just the relief of having a clean and well coifed pup without having to rearrange my entire day and drive from one end of town to the other that made me immediately schedule Lili’s next appointment? I don’t know and really don’t care. I’m just looking forward already to her next visit. So since this is a photoblog and most of you are probably expecting photos — here are some shots of the “Fairy Dogmother” working her magic on Lili in the comfort of our own driveway.





You’ll have to forgive me. I wasn’t quick enough to take pictures of the final product. Lili looked lovely after her coif. She emerged from the Fairy Dogmother’s van sporting a green bandana with shamrocks and was pleased as pie with her fine self. Then Clare took both dogs outside to play and Lili did what Lili does after a great game of kickball. She stuck her head in the stream and came out muddy and smelling like dead fish. Life is good. 


~ by photobella on 12 March, 2008.

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