Photo of the Day (Molly visits)


This is Guinevere.  Guinevere is an Iguana. She lives at New Pond Farm where Nick and I go to help feed and take care of the various reptile and amphibian residents of the farm. 

My dear friend Stephanie’s daughter, Molly, is staying with us for a couple of days. Molly came with Nick and me to New Pond this morning and got to meet all our scaly and slimy friends. Molly isn’t, as she put it, “a reptile person” so she wasn’t that eager to be handing out worms and crickets with us. But she hung out and watched and was a pretty good sport about it.


I took this picture of Nick while we were at lunch. He was trying to move out of the way of the camera but I caught this ghostly image of him that makes him look like a superhero moving very fast. 


This is Nick and Molly, doing what they did for most of the rest of the day. They are chillin’ and enjoying each other’s company.

It wasn’t a very eventful day but it was nice. 


~ by photobella on 10 March, 2008.

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