In Memory of John McMahon, N.D.


Today the friends and family of John McMahon gathered at the Unitarian Church to celebrate his life and mourn his passing. John died from the effects of the treatment of colon cancer at 50 years young.

I hadn’t seen John in a very long time but for many years, he and his wife Deidre and his children Trip and Dot were a part of our lives. I met Deidre first. It was a brief meeting at a local health food store where she and John worked. Nick was just a baby and I was at the store looking for some kind of gentle remedy to apply to his rashy cheeks and arms. I started talking to Deidre and was drawn to her kind way and loving manner. Standing in front of Deidre in the store, I felt loved. “Who is this person?” I remember thinking.  (I told her once about this meeting and my impression of her and she laughed.)

I don’t remember how I ended up in John’s office for the first time but he soon became our trusted caregiver. Our children ended up going to the same school and so we saw each other regularly at pick-up and drop off and various school functions. John was an amazing man. He was kind, generous, loving, good hearted and compassionate. He treated everyone with respect and because he did, you couldn’t help but feel special in his presence. This was what so many of the people said about him today. He made them feel important, as if what they said to him mattered — you knew it did. He did not take what you said to him lightly.

I didn’t know John as well as many of the people there and I almost didn’t go to the memorial because it had been so long since we had really connected. But then I thought about how much of an influence he had been on our family back when the kids were little and how much he had given of himself to all of us and I knew I had to go and say good-bye.

There will be an empty space in the world that only John could fill. He will be very much missed.

~ by photobella on 8 March, 2008.

2 Responses to “In Memory of John McMahon, N.D.”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this. A friend and patient was asking after him, and now we will be able to pass along the information.


    dlarsson at larssonlaw dot com

  2. So sorry to hear about John. I live in California, but originally from CT. John was my physician and helped me greatly. We even trained togetehr foro the 1994 New York Marathon. He will be gratly missed.

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