Photo of the Day


Today was cleaning lady day and Nick and I got our schoolwork done early so we could get out of the house while the ladies cleaned. It’s so noisy and there are 4 of them here at a time, so not only can you not hear yourself think, but there isn’t a place in the house where a cleaning lady isn’t. We used to try and tough it out but now we just get out of Dodge.

Nick wanted a case for his ipod and I had a couple of things to return so we made the trek to the mall. We didn’t have all that much time and as easy going as Nick is about a lot of things, I knew he wasn’t going to let me do much browsing. So we had some lunch, then did our due diligence and took some pictures. I headed for the carousel and as soon as Nick saw me shooting, he wanted to take pictures, too. He really has a great eye and it makes me nuts. I am including a picture that Nick took on this page. He has a perspective that somehow I manage to miss. I took pictures of the same fountain and mine just don’t look that good. (Nick’s is the one on the bottom, in case you were wondering.)



Before we left for the mall, I was working on making new business cards for the Gallery. I had a design that I wasn’t thrilled with and I was playing with making it better. Nick was sitting next to me and he looked up from his math and said, “Why don’t you make that bigger  and then put that here and then that goes there. I looked at him kinda funny and then just did what he suggested and Voila! A new business card and it looks pretty good. I was impressed. 

The rest of the day passed by without anything out of the ordinary. Now we are back from our Tuesday after-school activities and winding down for the night. Clare and Nick are watching “Dirty Jobs” downstairs and I am putzing around on the computer until it’s time for bed. Kinda of an ordinary day but life is good, so I have no complaints. 


~ by photobella on 4 March, 2008.

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