Photo of the Day


I love this picture. It has to be the nicest picture I’ve taken all day. There I was sitting on my bed watching Oprah and resting from the hour and a half walk Nick and I took earlier in the day when the light came through the window just so and the inspiration hit me. So I ran downstairs and got my tulips from off the mantle in the living room and started taking pictures. Isn’t it amazing what a little light can do?


Then I noticed the lovely tulip shadows on the wall and took this shot. Kinda nice, I think.



I love the colors in this picture of some shells I found on my last trip to South Beach. The green of the tablecloth and the blue of the bowl the shells are in remind me of the Miami sky and ocean.


I always notice these vine covered trees on my way to and from taking Clare to school. Today on my walk with Nick I took the opportunity to take a picture. I like it better in black and white than in color. I think it highlights the strange shapes of the trees.



I never noticed this heart shaped tree stump until Nick and I walked past it today. I thought it was pretty cool so I took this shot.


We found this memorial on a tree on the side of the road. This is also something I’ve never noticed before. It couldn’t have been placed too long ago. The flowers have been dead for a while but there is still the evidence of a car crash at the base of the tree.

I didn’t take pictures of the best part of the day. Nick was getting a little antsy about how long our walk was taking but I insisted that we keep on walking until we reached the Country Club. When we finally made it, we crossed to the other side of the road and headed back home. As we were walking we noticed several golf balls in the run-off stream in the ditch on the side of the road. Then we saw some more. And even more yet. By the time we had passed the golf course, Nick’s pants were laden with golf balls, so many of them that he had to hold his pants up to keep them from coming off.

We were laughing and joking and having a great time, enjoying the sun and the mild weather and the fact that Nick looked so misshappen with his pockets overloaded with golf balls. Our walk took us longer than I had anticipated, what with letting the dog stop for sniffs, me taking pictures every few steps and Nick’s compulsion to pick up every golf ball we saw. I got home with no time to spare before I had to leave to pick up Clare at school. Nick stayed home to count his golf ball booty. We are 25 golf balls richer. What a lovely day it turned out to be.

~ by photobella on 3 March, 2008.

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