Photo of the Day

It is the middle of the day and the sun is shining. I am sitting in front of my computer feeling like I am wasting a day. We didn’t make it to church as I had hoped but neither of the kids seem to mind. But I am determined to get us out and into the sunshine today if it kills me or them or both. So as soon as I can convince Clare to get dressed and Nick to tear himself away from whatever he is doing upstairs, we will head out for a walk and maybe a quick trip to Trader Joe’s.

In the meantime, I could seriously spend the rest of the day in front of the computer and be somewhat happy with myself. I am slowly figuring out how to create a website using Flash and Dreamweaver and I am messing around with a neat little item on Photoshop CS3 called an HDR filter. This little jobbie lets you take two (that’s all I’ve figured out how to use so far) images, one exposed for highlights and the other exposed for shadow and merge the two to get a better exposed image. This is my first attempt without the foresight to drag out a tripod:


I don’t think you can tell that the two pictures I used were not lined up in this small size version for the web. But that nice glow in the trees and the fact that you can see detail in the snow didn’t happen in one image. Here’s a link to the tutorial I used to get the effect.  I’ve seen some pretty amazing shots that were manipulated with this effect. I know some people frown on using HDR on images but it still looks pretty cool to me.

And just for the record, I have been outside several times today to take pictures for my HDR experiment. I woke up early to glorious sunshine and knew that if I took the time to dress before I went out, the light would have changed so I put on my coat and boots and went out and took some morning sun pictures while still in my pjs. Part of my really wanted to stay inside with my hot coffee and my memories of the sunshine but I made myself do it and the picture above is the result. Yay me!

Here is the obligatory cute dog shot for the day — no photo-retouching done at all to enhance the cuteness.


I’m adding some pictures from a hike the kids and I went on today at Huntington Park. It was a glorious day and the hike turned into more of an adventure than we all bargained for. I’m too tired to write about it now, maybe tomorrow. Anyway, here’s the pictures.




~ by photobella on 24 February, 2008.

2 Responses to “Photo of the Day”

  1. when I was looking at the first photo at work, I almost felt like the photo was vibrating. Maybe that was the HDR effect?? At home I don’t see it the same way.

  2. Maybe you have a better monitor at work and can tell that the images don’t align properly? That would be my guess. Here’s a link to what most HDR shots can look like when they are done with a tripod:

    HDR Soft

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