Photo of the Day (snow day)

When we were in DC listening to the Weather Channel forecast of the snowstorm headed for the area on Wednesday, you would have thought we were in for the Blizzard of the Century. Really, it was a flurry compared to what we woke up to today. So far, this seems to be the biggest snow we’ve had here in Connecticut all winter. Lulled into a false sense of security brought on by reports of “light snow” in the early morning hours, we didn’t park the cars the way we usually do in order to leave room for Dave and his plow to do their work and clear our driveway. So early in the morning, Nick and Zki and I headed outside to shovel so that Zki could get out and head for the Gallery.

The mere sight of an open door for my dogs is an invitation to go outside. Going outside with the humans means only one thing for Luath, no matter what the weather: Let’s play ball. So as we all tried to shovel, he would bring the ball and drop it in front of Nick in the driveway. Our driveway inclines towards the road and we are on a hill. In order to keep the dog from dropping the ball in the driveway and then have it roll on down the hill, Nick took the dogs in the backyard to have a kick around.





Since Nick was keeping the dogs occupied in the yard, I took a few moments to walk to the old cemetery that borders our property on the other side of the woods.



~ by photobella on 22 February, 2008.

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