Photo of the Day (trip to D.C.)

We just got back a while ago from a trip to Washington, D.C.

I had hoped to keep this blog updated every day but we didn’t have the greatest internet connection while we were there, so I’m playing catch up as best I can.

The day before I left was spent doing laundry and working on a website for the Gallery which should have been done ages ago. Then at the last minute, I had to run out and get dog food and I took my one picture of the day. Here it is: the OPEN sign at the only store around that carries the dog food we use and was “Open” that late on a Sunday evening.


We left for DC on Monday, February 18 and spent the day in the car. While was a grey, rainy day it was still surprisingly warm for February. I rode shotgun and took some pictures of the scenes out the car window. Here are my favorites: DC through a rainy window and the tunnel out of Baltimore, MD.



We got to DC in the late afternoon and went to check out our hotel. Zki had gotten us a pretty good deal at a suites style hotel but we found out why it was such a good deal when we got there. It was truly on the wrong side of the tracks. Although it was not that far from the major sites we wanted to visit, it was in a tough neighborhood, as we discovered when a couple of kids decided it would be fun to throw rocks at the car from the street. Looking at the lay of the land and realizing the neighborhoods we would have to walk through to get where we wanted to go during the day, we settled on another, much more expensive hotel on the other side of the interstate.

Once we decided on a place to stay for the night, there was only time left for dinner.  We all were tired and looking forward to a full day in DC the next day so we went to bed early.

After breakfast the next morning, we headed towards the Smithsonian museums and the Capital building. It was a lovely, mild day and the light was nice, too. We took a few shots of the Capital and headed towards the Air and Space Museum, where we spent the better part of the day exploring as many exhibits as we could possibly fit in.

in18days.jpg iwantthat.jpg

prop.jpg eagle.jpg

After lunch at the food court of the museum (which turned out to be a McWasteland) we finished up the things we wanted to see and headed over to the Botanical Gardens. There we discovered a magical land of orchids, rain forests, desert plants and jungle plant life.

hibiscus.jpg orchidsdance.jpg lacetree.jpg orchidtrail.jpg

The kids and I explored the flora and fauna to our hearts delight while Zki moved us over to another hotel in a different part of town. We met at the hotel just before heading out for dinner at a fun place called the Capital City Brewing Co.

The next day was very cold and snow was forecast for the afternoon, but being the hardy New Englanders that we are, we set out to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and the Washington Monument before deciding that spending the rest of the day inside would be a better plan.



We had a wonderful time at the Hirshhorn Museum which featured sculpture and modern art and then after lunch at a cafe watching people skating in the outdoor rink, we headed over to the National Museum of Natural History for the rest of the day. The highlight (at least for me) was the Butterfly exhibit where you entered a climate controlled environment in which butterflies flew about freely among tropical plants and flowers. It was breathtaking. You had to watch where you were walking in case a butterfly landed on the floor in front of you. You had to stop for inspection before you left because butterflies would randomly land on people as they were walking through and try and hitchhike out of the exhibit.

flutterby1.jpg flutterby3.jpg

We emerged from the museum just before it closed to a fluffy cloud of snow falling from the sky. Oddly enough, the temperature was milder than it had been earlier in the day and it was less windy than it had been and so the snow was pretty and pleasant.


We (ok, maybe it was just me) were too tired to do anything too exciting for dinner so we headed back to the Brewery but they had a 45 minute wait for a table so we ended up at a lovely Italian restaurant just next door called Liugino’s. Great choice. Dinner was wonderful; the service was lovely and it was much quieter than the Brewery. Clare told the waitress after the meal that it was “the best meal she had ever had in all her life.” (That was only because she wasn’t with Zki and me for dinner at the Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower in Paris.) Stuffed and happy, we all watched a little part of the eclipse from our hotel window and went to bed.

We had breakfast at the hotel and left fairly early and had a very easy trip back to Connecticut. Two days in DC just wasn’t enough time but I’m so glad we went.

~ by photobella on 21 February, 2008.

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