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Around Christmas time, in an effort to convince my daughter that she did not need yet another Build-A-Bear, I told her that we would “talk about it closer to Valentine’s Day.” I guess I was thinking that would buy me some time to come up with a convincing argument why we weren’t really going to get her another stuffie to add to the pile on the floor. Of course in Clare’s world, that meant we were going to Build-A-Bear on Valentine’s Day, for sure.

Well, my efforts to keep her from getting yet another toy were thwarted when a coupon arrived in the mail saying that because Clare had her birthday party at Build-A-Bear, she was entitled to a free friend of her choice worth up to a certain amount of money. Whoopee. As if that wasn’t enough, you may have noticed in the pictures of Clare’s room from the 13th of Feb, you can actually see the floor. This was because as a Valentine’s Day present to me, Clare cleaned her room and put all her stuffies away. So, off to the Mall we went. I took several pictures of the “Bear Building” but this is my favorite one, of Nick and Clare filling out her new friend’s Birth Certificate.


Last night was a first for us. Zki and I haven’t been out very often together since the kids were born — not only because we haven’t found that “perfect babysitter” but because Zki travels so often that when he is home, he doesn’t like to venture far away. But he has been home for a long stretch  so we decided that Nick was getting old enough to be in charge for a few hours and we went out for dinner and a movie.  We went to the Ridgefield Playhouse and saw Atonement and had dinner at an Japanese fusion restaurant called “Koo” that we have been to before and like very much.  

Dinner was wonderful and I loved the movie — it was very powerful and affecting; the kids did just fine as well. The only glitch in their evening was that Nick entered the wrong access code when he tried to get a Pay per View movie too many times and locked them out for the rest of the night. Oh well. 

~ by photobella on 16 February, 2008.

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