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Nick and I had went on a field trip to the Bruce Museum in Greenwich to see their exhibit on Robotics. It was a great exhibit with lots of interactive learning activities. The Bruce Museum has always been a wonderful resource and we enjoy visiting there so much that I finally broke down and got us a membership.


Here’s Nick trying to tie a shoelace using only one hand. The idea was to try and tie a shoe as if you were a robot without the ability to see or feel. At one station, you had to try and tie a shoelace with just 2 pairs of pliers. At another station, you were asked to try and tie your shoelace with your eyes closed and only one plier.


There were several other activities and we tried them all out. Of course, Mom was happy when we could tie all we saw at the Museum in with the lessons about machines and physics that we are covering in Science.

~ by photobella on 7 February, 2008.

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