Photo of the Day


I’m cheating. I took this picture of Nick yesterday when we stopped for lunch. But I forgot to take it off my camera when I posted yesterday and when I looked at it today, I really liked it and wanted to include it in my blog somewhere. So here it is.


Sometimes at the end of the day when Nick and I are doing schoolwork, we get easily distracted from the original intent of our lesson. Luckily, we have already done our math, some science or history or what ever subject we worked on in the morning when our brains are still clear. This is usually filler time — I don’t have to leave to get Clare from school and there is still enough time for us to being doing a lesson.


Today we were looking for some lessons on physics that we could apply to our filming of the water balloon from the the 3rd floor window and onto the patio. We watched several videos on the net where people filmed water balloons popping in slow motion or with high speed cameras. Then we found a site with a video about dropping half a water balloon (the other half is filled with air and so the ballon bounces and does not break.) From there we watched several other videos of science experiments, one of which was called “Orange Flame.” The idea is that the oil in the skin of the orange is flammable and if you squeeze the orange skin in the direction of a candle flame, the oil will combust. Of course, Nick will never turn down the opportunity to explore burning something. And I did need something to take a picture of for today. So, it was an experiment made in heaven for both of us.


Since we always start these lessons late in the day and we always end up getting engrossed in whatever we are exploring, I tend to leave to pick Clare up from school on the later side. This last picture is Luath, sitting in the front seat of my car as I am leaving to get Clare from school

He likes the heated seats and so do I.

~ by photobella on 6 February, 2008.

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