Photo of the Day


Ok, I missed a day. On purpose. It was just so grey and depressing out yesterday and after such a glorious day on Sunday, I wasn’t up for taking another low contrast photograph of another winter day in Connecticut. On top of that, the house was a mess and there wasn’t even a spot that was clear enough to take a picture. So I grizzled and growled and didn’t take a picture of anything and felt awful about it. I wanted to take a picture. There just wasn’t anything around me that I wanted to take a picture of.


Today, there was promise. Yes, it was another grey and depressing winter day in Connecticut but today there was fog. Lovely, misty, pea-soupy fog that rose from the lakes and ponds and made everything seem other worldly. So on the way home from taking Clare to school and heading to the Community Center to vote, I stopped to take pictures. As I was walking around the Town Hall in Redding, a woman saw me shooting and said, “How nice. Someone is stopping to smell the roses.” And I really was.


~ by photobella on 5 February, 2008.

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