Photo of the Day


Nick and I were going to head to the Bruce Museum in Greenwich until I listened to the weather report. I decided it probably wouldn’t be such a great idea to make the drive to Greenwich in an ice storm. We stayed home and I took pictures of the ice from inside the house. So for today the only pictures I have are the ones from my window of the trees covered in ice. I tried to get more but it was nasty and rainy and the sky was so grey and dark and there was absolutely no contrast. If there isn’t great light it’s hard to take great pictures. 


The thing I am noticing about this exercise in photography is that it makes me look for pictures everywhere I go. So while I have driven the route from home to Clare’s school every day, back and forth for years and could do it totally without thinking, I am forced to really pay attention to what I’m seeing, least the perfect picture appear before me and I miss the opportunity. I have hopes for tomorrow which promises to be a better day

~ by photobella on 1 February, 2008.

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