Photo of the Day


This is Clare. She is still asleep. Today is a school day and she should be awake. But she isn’t. Oh well. She looks like an angel and I take a picture to capture the moment and the image of her sleeping in a cloud of pink bed.

Nick and I went on a field trip to the Katonah Museum of Art and saw an exhibit called “Shattering Glass.” This picture is a contraband picture that I wasn’t supposed to take but I didn’t know it at the time. There wasn’t a docent in the room with the Jellyfish so Nick and I shot away to our hearts content. I feel a little guilty about posting this picture but I promise I will not sell it. It was only taken to fulfill my project requirements of shooting every day.


Funny thing was that after they told me I couldn’t take any pictures, I didn’t see much reason to stay very long. I had a long argument with myself about Intellectual Property rights and the like but the long and the short of it was that I wanted to be able to capture some images of what I saw and it actually hindered my ability to see the exhibit fully without looking at it through the lens of my camera.There were some pretty wonderful pieces at the exhibit but I would have retained them better if I could have shot them.We didn’t stay that long at the museum and it was lunchtime when we left. We got home and Nick played Timez Attack on the computer to practice his multiplication. This is a picture of Looby trying to eat the little green guy on the computer screen. I didn’t think dogs saw the stuff on the screen but Looby does. He sits on my lap and tries to catch the cursor. He’s so funny when he does this and it makes me laugh. I can use a laugh these days.


~ by photobella on 29 January, 2008.

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