Photo of the Day

My goal for this blog is to take part in the Project 365 — the idea is to take a picture a day for the next year, allowing you to not only document those day to day occurrences that get forgotten but to help you become a better photographer. I decided to give it a try and see what transpires.


The first day I took the kids to the Aldrich Museum of Art in Ridgefield, CT. We hadn’t been to the museum for a while and they were having some activities geared towards children. I enjoyed most of what I saw and so did the kids, which is saying a lot since it is a modern art museum. I was surprised at how engaged Nick was and willing to look at everything and have an opinion. That was a big win. I wonder if it had anything to do with the time we went to the Bruce Museum and I spent a lot of time talking about what we were seeing, even if it was strange or disturbing. I didn’t have to do all the talking this time because both kids were willing to express how the art made them feel. Now how cool is that?


Ok, the pictures. Well, the activities for the kids were unstructured. Basically, there were art supplies in the activity room and you could make a project that related to something you saw at the museum that day. Clare made the cat in the first picture and I just like the colors of the buttons and the markers.


~ by photobella on 20 January, 2008.

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